Server blacklisting due to SPAM

30th August 2016

We are currently working to resolve an email sending issue on uk-ne-cpn-01 ( where some emails are not being delivered.  This is happening because one of our shared hosting clients on that server has had a script compromised and has been sending in excess of 15 million spam emails, which has in turn caused the server to become blacklisted.  We have so far managed to remove nearly 3 million emails from the email servers’ queue and have also managed to remove the server from two of the three blacklists.  We are waiting for the final black list maintainer to de-list the above server – this is proving problematic as they are currently working on their systems.  Once they have removed us, email will begin flowing without error.

It is worth mentioning that this issue is not related to how we at ValueVPS manage our servers and security – it is more about clients not managing their own security and updates.  Anyone who is hosted on a shared server will always be at risk of actions (in inactions) of other people sharing the same server.  As shared hosting clients are all using the same IP address, they are also exposed to the same risks.

The only way to remove this risk is to have your own dedicated public IP address.  This can be achieved by upgrading to a VPS or a dedicated server, which, although costs more will give you much more isolation from others on the same network.

Currently we do not have an estimated time for resolution as we are waiting on a 3rd party.  All tickets relating to this matter in our support queue will remain on hold until we are able to give the ‘all clear’.  With two of the three blacklists removed, clients on that server will start to see an improvement in mail delivery.