How do I submit a support ticket to ValueVPS?

14th July 2016

Sometimes, something goes wrong! When that happens, we want to hear from you!

In order to submit a Support Ticket, just click here to go to the ValueVPS client area, once logged in, navigate to the submit a ticket area.

A support ticket submission form requires the following:

  1. A subject that briefly describes the issue you are having
  2. A more detailed description of the issue you are having including steps to reproduce the issue
  3. The domain that is experiencing the issue
  4. Add any relevant attachments
  5. Click “Submit”

Best Practice

In an effort to resolve your request as quickly as possible, please be sure to include as much detail as possible. Below are some key pieces of information which will enable us to resolve your request:

  • Description of the issue
  • Steps taken so far to troubleshoot
  • Is the problem consistent or intermittent?
  • Is the issue reproducible on a different computer, operating system, browser, device, location, and/or network? (Is it still an issue when you try on your home computer?)
  • If reproducible, provide step by step instructions how to reproduce
  • Affected username(s), domain(s).
  • Date, time, and timezone when issue occurred

Priority Levels

Our technicians work on ticket priorities, ranging from ‘low’ to ‘urgent’.  Please consider if your ticket really is urgent before submitting it.  Our policy for incorrectly marked tickets is to change the priority to ‘low’, pushing that ticket further down the queue.  Please be fair to other ValueVPS customers by not trying to jump the queue!

And Finally…

Unless we specifically have a support contract with you, any and all support is on a best-effort basis and at the discretion of ValueVPS.  Unless you have purchased a ‘management’ option with your service from us, your service(s) are ‘unmanaged‘ which means that we are under no obligation to assist, with exception to hardware failure, network failure or node operating system faults.  If you are not competent enough to administer your services purchased from us, it would be wise to also take a management option or find a friend that can assist you when needed.  Being unable to fix or administer your own server and not be entitled to support from ValueVPS will cause frustration for both you and us.

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